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Lucky the Movie 2012


Directed by Avie Luthra

Plot Summary

10-year old Lucky is a South African Zulu orphan whose mother has just died. His mother's last wish is for Lucky to leave his village and go live with his uncle in the big city of Durban.

Lucky intends to go to school and make something of himself, only to have his wishes quashed by his selfish, dishonest uncle. So Lucky desperately turns to a suspicious elderly Indian woman, Padma. Despite the racial tensions between blacks and Indians in South Africa today, the two form an uncomfortable and unconventional bond.

However Padma's motives are not entirely pure. She uses Lucky to obtain a government orphan grant worth two hundred rand a month. When Lucky's scheming uncle finds out, he yanks him out of school, steals the grant money and assaults Padma.

But Padma manages to rescue Lucky and take him back to his rural Zulu Village. But the villagers are hostile to Lucky's return. There's no place for him there now. Padma sees a glimmer of hope however when she learns that Lucky's 'father' may still be alive.

Together they go on an emotional journey to see if this man will take Lucky in, a journey which elicits painful memories of the past and the son Padma lost when she was young. Trying to make amends, Padma opens her heart to Lucky. And in the end, Lucky is forced to make a decision between Padma and this 'father', a decision based on his love for a mother who is now gone forever.