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Lucky the Movie 2012

Directed by Avie Luthra

Production Designer - Chantel Carter

Production Designer Chantel Carter

Chantel Carter is one of South Africa's up and coming young designers. Her design career started off by designing the beautiful, highly textured sets for Avie Luthra's 2005 award-winning short-subject film version of LUCKY.

With 12 years experience in the Art Department and an honours in Fine Arts, Chantel 's hands on approach to design is dedicated to a deep responsibility to honesty and texture in all the layers involved in film making. 

Chantel describes Avie's vision as precise and his direction and dedication as inspiring. She found a great respect for Avie's acute sensitivity and understanding of the reality of life in South Africa. South Africa is complex even for those who have grown up there and although LUCKY touches on a few sensitive subjects for the character, the ethos of change which is so prevalent in South Africa today is also encompassed in LUCKY. Avie and Chantel having had the experience of making the short together, had an already established goal and understanding, which shines through in this film. From location, to treatment, to story, the layers are cohesive.  

Chantel draws inspiration from having worked with some extremely talented designers and DOP's. To mention a few: Donal Woods on TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH (2005) as well as DIAMONDS (2008), Anthony Dod Mantle on MY BLACK LITTLE HEART (2006), Maria Djurkovic on MAN TO MAN(2005), Lance Gewer on OTELO BURNING (2010) and many more.