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Lucky the Movie 2012

Directed by Avie Luthra

Introducing Sihle Dlamini as Lucky

Lucky played by Sihle Dlamini

12-year old Sihle makes his debut in his first lead role with convincing emotion.  "Sihle is a natural. After five minutes, we knew we had to have him." -- Director, Avie Luthra.

Discovered after an extensive search of townships around Johannesburg, Sihle was asked to play OJ in Khalo Matabane's movie “STATE OF VIOLENCE”, in November 2009.  It was a non-speaking role that ultimately was cut from the final film, but Sihle gave a beautiful performance for a first timer.  The casting director Moonyeenn Lee was so impressed with his performance that she told him next time he’d play a lead.   It wasn't long before auditions for LUCKY began in December of the same year and Sihle got the lead.  

Sihle was born in the rural township of Ratanda near Heidelberg in Gauteng, South Africa. Sihle became interested in acting when a talent scout came to his home town looking for young actors to cast for a small role in a film being shot in Johannesburg. He auditioned and was told he had great talent.

Sihle looks up to fellow actor Vusi Kunene as a role model because he says "Vusi handles people well and he is a convincing actor." Sihle is also a soccer player and likes drawing. He enjoyed acting in LUCKY and hopes to continue acting in the future.